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Twenty-eight years ago, when the Association of Publishers already existed, I, one of the first members of the association, was visited by the then new president of the Association of Independent Publishers (if I am not mistaken in the name) Oleksandr Afonin. In the first years of its existence, the Association was actually supported by the funds of one of its members, the Publishing House of Humanistic Literature Abrys, which was headed by the first President of the Association, Yuriy Prylyuk, and after his untimely death, Oleksandr Afonin. He came to study. Of course, he had a huge life experience, but not in the publishing field. This was a very important indicator for me. He learned quickly, and was and remains for me all these twenty-eight years a friend and a senior colleague.

Today, I am forced to take his place as president temporarily, until the election of a new leader, on public grounds. At Afonin's suggestion, which I cannot refuse, and having the trust of my colleagues. For three months, I take "Monomakh's cap".

During these years, a lot happened in common with Oleksandr. We even had dachas in the Crimea, which were separated from each other by the width of a fence. We had and have common views on the need for constant pressure on the state to defend the interests of the publishing industry and readers. Much has been achieved - including tax benefits. Many failed. I remember Afonin's personal quarrel with Mykola Azarov over these benefits, I remember the conflict with the management of State Television and Radio. I also remember the dishonesty and ingratitude of several colleagues in those difficult times. But years pass. UPBA became a stable institution precisely thanks to Oleksandr Afonin. He decided to go on vacation and we have to work in new circumstances. I am not ready to leave the publishing house for the industry, as he once did. But I am ready to prepare a place for a professional manager who should lead the Association to solve the internal and external problems of the industry - economic, political, ethical.
Thank you, Oleksandr! Thank you, colleagues.

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Олександр Красовицький

Генеральний директор видавництва "Фоліо"

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