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Kherson Regional Scientific Library

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The enemy fired more than once. Today - almost destroyed.

I compassion with colleagues - bookish people, I am sure that it will be rebuilt even better.

The enemy kills a word, a thought. Language. Libraries. Museums. Monuments. Changes the names of cities, streets.

In the occupied territories, he destroys books in school and public libraries, replaces textbooks not only on history and literature, but all of them. Replaces library funds, except for Soviet ones. This year alone, 2.5 million copies of books were allocated to the libraries of the enemy's occupied territories, and this does not include textbooks.

Cultural genocide. Ethnocide. Memory destruction. Abduction of children.

UNESCO? Haven't you heard? (or heard?), "compassion".

I think it makes sense for the country's cultural community to gather and talk about this topic. We must not wait for Victory. Only a systematic policy of cultural resistance on one's own land and preparation for cultural restoration in the liberated territories. We must ensure that new libraries, public and school, Ukrainian press, together with ATB and Novaya Poshta, enter the liberated cities and villages. For this, we must create a cultural policy of internal de-occupation today

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