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The nineteenth month of the large-scale invasion, the one hundred and fifteenth month of the war. Professional 1

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Book market of the Renaissance.
The first part.

1. KyivBookFest is an event that intellectual Kyiv has been living in the last few days. The event, which took place due to caution and lack of confidence in the security guarantees of the management of the Book Arsenal during this year's event. Instead of publishers, there were bookstores. Four small bookstores, which did everything for the holiday, but which could not replace readers for publishers, and readers for publishers. Some market participants decided not to provide books for this event, discussing among themselves an alternative format. The most convincing and decisive was Vladyslav Kyrychenko, the owner of the publishing house "Nash Format". Others supported rather than helped. The number of errors and overlays is minimal. The number of finds, successful creative ideas is maximum.

2. KyivBookFest is a professional event for publishers. With open and closed discussions, meetings of the largest market participants, invitation of famous and new authors, volunteering, booksellers, librarians and the military. Of course, with the sale of books. With concerts. The chosen location was also extremely successful - not far from the metro; the square was divided into two zones: a free zone for customers on the street and a very comfortable professional zone - in the premises of the "Horodok" shopping center. Halls for public events, meeting rooms, a food court, restrooms, elevators and storage rooms - all this was at the service of guests and participants of the entire event. Maybe the next time KyivBookFest will be crowded here, but it is quite obvious that this next time will definitely be.

3. Kyiv got used to and adapted to the war. Despite the "horrible night", residents of the city spend the weekend as usual for themselves. People are ready to spend money on culture and leisure, and therefore are confident in the victory and future of Ukraine. Kyiv is quickly becoming as Ukrainian-speaking as possible, and to a large extent it is thanks to the Ukrainian book. Each edition is another 2-3-10 people who finally switched to Ukrainian, who replenished their vocabulary through reading and strengthened their own patriotic outlook thanks to the content of many books. Can there be a book business as a business in times of war? Yes of course. Let me remind you that the allies do not give money for the maintenance of the army, it is financed from business taxes. But investments in our budget from partners go to the maintenance of the social sphere.

4. Literature of the time - books written by our military. This part of the market is growing most dynamically. And yes, a great Ukrainian novel about the war should appear after a certain time after its end, but what readers are already holding in their hands today are mostly not one-day novels. This is a chronicle, factual literature, evidence on which historical science will be based in the future.

5. Books became significantly more expensive. It certainly affects demand. It must be admitted that today the assortment is narrower than in the days when we had publications from the aggressor state here. There were fewer books than in neighboring countries. This, on the one hand, limits the market, and on the other, leaves a significant gap for further qualitative development.

To be continued.

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